When it comes to soothing and relaxing achy muscles and joints, there are some activities which rival a whole-body massage therapy. However, engaging in a self-massage therapy, while usually underestimated, can be as effective in lowering stress levels, promoting good circulation and alleviating tension by putting pressure to all of the key points of the body, from head to foot.  

Learning some self-massage methods which employ the same kneading and rubbing methods you would benefit from in an appointment with a professional massage therapist will definitely allow you to soothe yourself in your own house or anywhere else. Whether you need to loosen up stiff muscles, diminish the dull aches behind your eyes, or relieve your tired feet and legs, you should probably be trying these tips when providing yourself with an at-home massage therapy


Settle in a Relaxing Area 

The very good thing about self-massage is, you can actually do it anytime and anywhere you want. However, selecting your favorite spot on a comfortable couch can help you truly enjoy the massage. In addition to that, you need to set your mobile phones in silent mode, turn off the television and anything else which can cause distractions as well. You may also play some soft, mellow music, lower or dimmer the lights, or spark a scented candle – or whatever makes you comfortable. 

Consider Accessories 

While you cannot always have the products available (if you are in the car or at work for instance), incorporating cream or lotion into your self-massage if possible, can help soothe and pamper you – especially when you are working on your feet or hands. You can also consider choices infused with essential oils such as jasmine, calming cedarwood, chamomile or lavender. 

How to Do a Self-Massage Therapy 

Head, Neck and Shoulders 

It can actually be an effective release if you just tend to hold the tension in your shoulders and neck. Begin by squeezing your neck base using one hand, sliding your hand up, squeezing and then releasing the neck as you go. With the use of your two hands, slide your fingers in a rotational motion as you rub your skull base, moving downwards along each shoulder. Then, use your fingers to gently massage your entire head in small circular motions, as your thumbs move to your scalp down in between your neck and head. Put your hands on your hair (if it is long enough) with palms facing down. Interweave your fingers and gently pull your hair away from the scalp. 


Whether activities of daily living such as typing cause a strain on your fingers and hands or you have an occasional arthritic pain, a hand massage is definitely a great way to soothe yourself. 

Begin by rubbing your left fingers with your right (or either way will do) moving in circles from the base of your fingertips, giving more attention on the joints. Gently pull every finger away from your hand, sliding your grip upwards from the base. For more tips, you can also ask a professional that offers massage Clarksville TN