Watch Hill Flying Horses- Carousel

Riding the carousel is a tradition for many families that come to Watch Hill every year.

Carousel Hours

Early Summer Hours

Saturday May 26th 10:00 - 9:00
Sunday May 27th 10:00 - 9:00
Monday May 28th 10:00 - 6:00
Saturday June 2nd 10:00 - 9:00
Sunday June 3rd 10:00 - 6:00
Saturday June 9th 10:00 - 9:00
Sunday June 10th 10:00 - 6:00

After June 16th

Weekdays 11:00 – 9:00
Weekends/Holidays 10:00 – 9:00

It is believed that the Watch Hill Carousel was made in 1867 by Andrew Christian and Charles DareCompany of New York City. The story goes that a traveling carnival brought the Carousel in 1883, but for some reason abandoned it. It is said to be the only surviving flying horse carousel in the country and the oldest continuously operating c arousel in the United States. The treasure has survived disasters for over 125 years, including the devastating hurricane of 1938 and most recently Hurricane Sandy.

It has endured and thrives as a simple form of entertainment that has delighted generations of children.

Help Us Preserve the Horses:

  • Children only 5' and under 100 pounds shall be permitted to ride
  • Keep feet of the legs of the horses at all times
  • Single riders only
  • Make sure you are in dry clothing. Wet clothing or bathing suits will damage the saddles
  • Two ride limit on the outside horses when others are waiting
  • Please encourage younger children to ride on the inner circle of horses
  • Absolutely no one but carousel personnel are allowed inside when the carousel is in operation


25 aug

Bring your own dinner.
Beach open until 9:00

1 sep

Super Bowl Potluck